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We offer several customized quality assurance programs to our clientsVitape Services continually seeks to improve the quality of our services. This allows us to achieve the highest possible standard in everything we do.





Cleaning at home for all your spaces.

We ensure that each job is clearly defined and communicated to the rest of our staff.

We use environmentally-conscious products that are safe for people and environmentally-friendly.

A healthy, germ-free work environment is the best protection from the spread of contagious disease. With many people concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, Vitape Services is now offering a powerful commercial disinfecting service. 

During these uncertain times, we are here to help. Enquire about our antimicrobial spraying services today.

Antimicrobial Protection is a commercial service that is available for use in offices, hospitals, schools and other public places. Applied with a spray, it safely covers almost any exposed surface.

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